How to Setup an Online Shop in Thailand

Are you looking to expand your business and want to reach more customers through the internet?

One way to do this and retain complete control of your products and pricing is to setup your own online shop. Having your own online shop will enable you to reach customers anywhere in Thailand, Asia or even around the world as an online shop is in essence a border-less shop. Customers can visit your Thailand online shop 24/7 and don’t need to follow any social distancing rules.

The best part is that setting up your online shop in Thailand is not very expensive and can be done within a matter of a few days or a few weeks.

Who can have an online shop in Thailand?

Any company that is selling a physical or a virtual product – there is almost no limit:

  • Restaurants who do not want to rely on Foodpanda and Grab (where you need to pay a high commission)
  • Food Suppliers who want to reach out to direct consumers or more wholesale (B2B) customers
  • Clothing companies who want to sell their clothes online
  • Antique furniture dealers 
  • Supermarkets (big or small)
  • Bookshops
  • Car/Motorcycle spare part shops
  • Travel/hotel companies selling vouchers
  • Any tangible or downloadable product

Your new online shop does not have to be limited to physical goods. You can also sell virtual good such as PDF files, music, videos or books.

What is included in my online shop?

When you decide to work with us to setup your online shop, we will meet with you to learn exactly what your business wants to sell and who your target customers are. We will then create a customized proposal for your new online shop. In most cases this will include:

  • Complete online shopping cart system with category and product management
  • Product stock management
  • Customer Management (CRM)
  • Payment Gateway (in Thailand we work together with and PayPal and other banks, depending on your preferences. You are free to choose the provider)
  • Website design that is modern and mobile responsive
  • Website speed optimization
  • Website security (SSL/https) for save online shopping
  • Domain registration (we prefer to keep this in your name but can assist you with the process)
  • Hosting (either on our own servers or your hosting server)

How can I get started with online shopping for my business in Thailand or elsewhere?

Here at Bangkok Web Agency, we have many years of expertise in setting up online shops of all sizes for customers in Thailand and the rest South East Asia (or anywhere in the world, really).

Contact us now to get started or use the chat box on the right side:

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