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Learn more about your website’s visitors – where they come from, which pages they visit, why they leave without contacting you and more! Bangkok Web Agency’s website analytics and advanced website tracking service will help you get more qualified visitors to your website and convert more visitors into leads and sales.
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Better information equals more traffic, leads and sales

Why don’t more of your website visitors turn into leads and sales? What are they searching for, but unable to find? Most business owners have website analytics and tracking tools in place; the problem is that they never look at or analyze the data – who has time!? If you’re like most business owners, you recognize your website is a under-utilized sales and marketing asset and you’d like to take action to get more qualified visitors to it and test various ways to convert more visitors into leads and sales.

With Bangkok Web Agency website analytics and tracking services, you’ll get never-before-seen insights into your website’s performance and actionable recommendations to get more traffic and convert more visitors into leads and sales. We’ll illustrate the most cost-effective opportunities to get more qualified visitors to your site, show you where/why visitors are leaving, and articulate strategies designed to increase visit-to-lead conversion rates.

Think of your website as a sales funnel or sales rep

Many businesses continue to treat their website as if it were an interactive brochure. It’s not. Your website is a sales funnel or a sales rep for your business. Sales reps are easy to manage because they have clear objectives and goals. Your website should be no different. If you know track your website’s true visit-to-lead conversion rate, you can easily determine whether you have a traffic problem (i.e. you’re not getting enough qualified visitors to your site) or a closing problem (i.e. you’re getting visitors, but your website is lousy at turning them into contacts, leads and sales) or both!

You’ve heard the saying, “if you don’t measure it, you can’t (effectively) manage it.” You simply cannot maximize your website’s performance without accurate website analytics and tracking in place (and Google Analytics alone is not enough!).

At a minimum, you need to know:

  • How many visits and visitors come to your website per month
  • Where these visits come from (the traffic source)
  • The number of branded vs. non-branded organic visits you receive per month
  • Your website’s true visit-to-inquiry conversion rate (and don’t forget to track the phone calls!)

Standard website analytics tools can provide you with some of this information, but if you’re like most business owners, you probably don’t have the time necessary to analyze it all. That’s where we come into the picture. Bangkok Web Agency provides turn-key, do-it-for-me website analytics and tracking services designed specifically for business owners and marketing executives.
The problem with traditional analytics solutions

The problem with traditional analytics tools and solutions is that they provide mountains of data, but fail to turn it into actionable results. Time is not a luxury most small medium sized business owners have. Bangkok Web Agency’s team of analytics and online marketing experts won’t send you more charts to analyze. We filter the data down to what matters the most and explicitly tell you exactly what to do based on it. We’ll show you how to convert data into actionable results that measurably improve your marketing performance!

Already have analytics installed?

Let’s say you’ve already taken the first steps and installed a website analytics program like Google Analytics on your site. That’s great! What are you testing this month based on last month’s data? Do you know and are you tracking:

  • Visits from branded (trademarked) vs. non-branded terms?
  • Which web pages offer the largest opportunity to convert more visitors into leads and sales?
  • Your site’s true visit-to-inquiry conversion rate?

Remember – there’s no shortage of marketing data available from the web. What there is a shortage of is action. To grow your business, you need someone who can cut through mountains of data to uncover the information that’s really important and then turn that information into actionable results.

Stop working in your business and spend more time working on your business

If you’re not familar with this language, check out the book The E-Myth. Successful business owners know that time spent working on their business instead of in their business is where they get the greatest ROI. If analyzing and interpreting data is the best use of your time, feel free to poke around our website – especially our blog – and put some of our tips to work for you. If your time would be better spent on the higher level stuff, drop us a line!

Analytics great Avinash Kaushik is famous for saying that when it comes to website and marketing analytics, the tools and the data make up about 10% of the value of analytics. The other 90% comes from the team of people you have to analyze the data and give you tangible, actionable takeaways; a team who can provide you with never-before seen insights and action items to measurably improve your website’s marketing performance.
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