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Growth is one of the greatest motivators for most businesses. Through online retail we have been creating just that for many companies for many years. Our experience in design, functionality and internet marketing has given us the ability to produce commercially focused websites that convert visitors into sales.

Here at Bangkok Web Agency, we are big on building creatively led websites that mirror our client’s brands and products. Making your website say the right things to your customers is so important and that’s why, when we build websites we take into consideration all the whys and hows to develop websites that integrate nicely and complement your brand.

We are a Digital Agency that offer the full e-commerce website solution, from E-commerce Design, Usability, Functionality, Internet Marketing, E-commerce Integration, CMS Content Management, conversion tracking and Support and Training.

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Whether you are starting a completely new online business with a selling platform or looking to improve an existing internet shop, we will sit down with you and provide the best possible consultation e-commerce consultation services addressing your specific needs. If you are looking to establish a brand new web store, then we will guide you through the different phases as well as point out issues that you need to consider that you may not even have though of before. We will then devise a plan for the creation of your new online shop. Perhaps you may be looking to improve sales on your current online store and/or want to revamp your website. We meet with you to analyze your onsite performance to understand what makes your clients buy or not buy your product/services and give recommendations for improvements based on the analysis results.

At Bangkok Web Agency we are able to offer visually striking E-Commerce websites, tailored to your business’s requirements, in a short time frame and above all keep it affordable. We do this by utilizing the power of flexible, open-source internet shops such as the powerful Magento platform (we are happy to use other platforms that you prefer as well). Magento offers you the ability to constantly add new products with ease, thus keeping the long-term costs associated with an online store down. With the Magento platform you will be running a highly attractive, mobile friendly website that is preferred by search engines and in turn will generate more traffic and thus more sales for you.

It is crucial for any business to accommodate a stable and transparent sales operation. As different companies use various kinds of software tools and approaches to run their operations, it is necessary to plan and execute a strong e-commerce architecture that considers existing procedures. Our team of experienced developers has long term experience with a range of CRM and ERP systems, enabling them to integrate these with your online store front without interrupting your current workflow.

If you are looking for an online E-Commerce system that is built on a stable infrastructure then Magento, which is also the world’s most popular online shop, is the right choice. With Magento you can easily integrate the payment gateway and EPoS as well as stock management system of your choice. Your online store can be expanded to communicate with Amazon, eBay, Google Shopping and other popular aggregate internet shops. Magento will grow with your business as it is highly scalable due to its modular nature. You can add and remove functionality with a few clicks, empowering you to expand your online store as your business grows.

Shoppers want control over how and when they shop, having a successful multichannel operation is about giving your customers the ability to do this. John Donahoe from Ebay inc reported that in almost half of all purchases made today, the web has been used before or during the transaction. With the surge of Mobile device technology, commerce has been changing and fast. Consumers are flipping between channels. The only way to keep up is to have a strong presence across all channels, to cover all bases.

Successful launches into different countries can be challenging, you need to consider everything from content translation to logistics and marketing. Bangkok Web Agency can architect campaigns to launch successful multi-stores stores in any language and ensure easy management along with full integration into back-end systems.

Almost everyone has either an iPhone, iPad or Android phone, with full web browsing capabilities, so it’s no surprise that 12% of sales during December were done on a mobile device and these figures are set to rise. As the power of mobile technology is starting to take commerce to another planet it gives consumers exciting and convenient ways to shop and gives retailers an enormous opportunity for growth. Only 25% of online stores are optimized for mobile commerce. digital boutique specialize in optimizing Magento websites to provide users an intuitive experience on mobile devices that can be easily managed through a separate admin area. Successful mobile commerce campaigns require different marketing strategies, separate search and paid campaigns, tailored social campaigns with different terminology and calls to actions to maximize the effectiveness of the campaign.

Critical to online success is keeping your store ahead of the competition, and keeping it running smoothly. The Bangkok Web Agency support team are experts in Magento and are here to offer both preventions and cures. Available 24/7, around the globe, our support team will promptly respond to your requests and resolve any issues. Bangkok Web Agency offers distinct support coverage and resources to merchants based on the Magento platform. So, whether you are on the Community or the Enterprise Edition, we will have a support solution that meets your needs.

Building a strong online presence is a fundamental part of creating exposure for your brand. The web offers an integral way to communicate with your audience through email marketing, social media, video and much more. The way people browse and interact online continues to change; the newest edition has been the wave of mobile phone technology, allowing consumers the ability to surf and shop anywhere. Our marketing strategies differ, dependent on our clients, however our simple ethos to measure every channel to provide our clients with significant results is at the core of what we do. To be successful online you need a partner that can implement and develop the most effective strategies for your brand. Ones that are targeted to your audience and managed with precision to create the desired effects.

Consumers love the web. They want to buy, they want to sell and they want to make every kind of transaction from the comfort of their keyboard.

To cope with the online demand you need a dedicated e-commerce solution. Consumers have to feel secure, they have to find the process easy and slick and they have to be treated by your website like the precious customers that they are.

There’s more to e-commerce than on-screen shopping carts and if it’s designed properly an online system can make buying your products an easy and satisfying experience.

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