Website Speed Optimization

Speed affects everything

With more and more users visiting your website via their mobile phone, the load time of your site is of utmost importance.

A fast-loading website will give you:

    • Better Google Ranking –> More website traffic
      Google is using site speed as one of many factors to determine the ranking of your website.

    • Lower Boune Rate –> More Page Views
      Just a one-second decrease in load time could mean 11 percent fewer page views.

    • Higher Conversion Rate –> More inquiries/leads/orders
      For every one second delay in page speed, you could see 7 percent fewer conversions and a 16 percent decrease in customer satisfaction.

So what is a good website load time?

Ideally, your website should load in under 4 seconds.

3 to 7 seconds is pretty average, but you’ll also lose conversions and revenue if you leave it as-is. Anything higher than 10 and you know that something is wrong with your site! You’ll want to diagnose the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

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